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5 Ways to Eliminate Debt Fast

Buried under thousands of dollars worth of debt? Here are 5 easy ways to eliminate debt FAST, without getting a second job. #5 gives you the greatest potential to succeed! {31 Days to Radically Reduce Your Expenses, Day 30}


Hanna-Instruments HI3148B ORP Smart Electrode, BNC Connection, 1m Cable, For Clogging Prevention System by Hanna Instruments. $189.99. The Hanna Instruments HI 3148B is an oxygen reduction potential (ORP)/mV electrode for wine with an open junction, glass body, spherical tip, clogging preventative collar, Bayonet Neill-Concelman (BNC) connector, and 1m (3.3') cable. An ORP electrode is used to measure the oxidization or reduction capacity of a solution, and to m...

Sper Scientific 860033 Benchtop Water Quality Meter, 217mm L × 168mm W × 58mm D by Sper Scientific. $394.00. Reads pH, ORP (oxygen reduction potential), mV, conductivity, TDS (total dissolved solids), salinity and temperature. Rugged housing with large LCD displaying the parameter being measured together with time, date and temperature (in °C or °F). Operates on AC voltage (no batteries). Comes ready to use with ATC conductivity and pH electrodes, multiple electr...

$238.00 (Buy here: ) 10pcs/lot EMS Digital Pen-type ORP Meter Oxidation Reduction Potential Water Treatment Monitor ORP Tester with Retail Package for just $238.00

$15.00 (Buy here: ) Top quality ORP Meter Oxidation Reduction Potential Analyzer Redox Tester Water Treatment Monitor with blacklight for just $15.00

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Extra VitaBead Diffusers

Diffuser lifespan: Up to 400 refills Increases pH up to 9+ to create alkaline water Reduces ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) to less than -150