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MacGregor End Spiked Rubbers - Official Size - 1147902

End Spiked Rubbers, (bases, rubber base set, softball, ssg, batting station, bow net, catch net, portable catch net)

Top 10 Amazing Celtic Treasures

The combination of high art and warrior practicality can be seen in almost all examples of Celtic weaponry. Celtic swords often had elaborate handles, and beautifully adorned scabbards. This spear head, probably from the 2nd century BC, was discovered in the river Thames in London. Forged in a leaf shape from iron, this spear also has four decorative bronze strips, with La Tene spirals. This weapon would have been utilized by Celtic charioteers, who were supposed to scatter troops. Unlike…


Eastern Celtic helmet. 3rd/2nd century B.C. See: "Antike Helme, Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum" (Mainz 1988), p. 294.


The mainstay of the Fire Support Co (FSC) is “Brave Warrior” Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) that has been in service with PLA airborne and special operations. New model FAV - Iron Eagle - also deployed in several new armament configurations not seen in PLA service before. Minigun of undetermined caliber, W99 82mm Automortar, air defense versions are armed with the Type 87 twin 25mm cannon and dual HN-5 surface-to-air missiles, and HJ-8 antitank guided missile launcher (ATGM).