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Amazing mirrored sculptures of humans and animals created by talented Scottish artist Rob Mulholland. Mirrored life-size figures blend into surrounding environment and reflect the constant flux of movement day by day.


Vestige by Rob Mulholland is an art installation that is at once eerie and beautiful; the eerie aspect comes from its similarity with the movie 'Predator.' The use of mirror Perspex to reflect the forest surroundings in a distorted, camouflaged way has been dubbed 'the Predator effect' since the alien creatures in the film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger used a similar technology.Rather,Vestige by Rob Mulholland explores the relationship between individuals as well as between humans and…


berlin-based studio fredrik skåtar has developed a 'vibration mirror'. the sculpture materializes a shape that constantly occurs in nature, however it cannot be seen because of perception of time and motion. in this project, the movement of water has been frozen and carved out as a sculpture to create a unique reflective composition