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Refugee Definition

Oh Snap – Refugee Definition Change ? The NYT Reports Obama Admin Considering Direct Illegal Alien Transport from Central America To U.S.A…

“Pashtun refugee boy in Kabul”. This photo shows a young Pashtun boy in a refugee camp in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo by Christina Feldt for the National Geographic.

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Theresa May wants to make it harder for people to be classified as 'refugees'

Theresa May wants to change the international definition of 'refugee' | UK Politics | News | The Independent

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Germany’s Plan to Help Refugees Is the Definition of Compassion

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What's the difference between immigrant and refugee? -

The difference between an immigrant and a refugee. Hundreds of refugees and migrants aboard a fishing boat are pictured moments before being rescued by the Italian Navy as part of their Mare Nostrum operation in June 2014.

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How the Syrian Refugee Crisis Shows the Hypocrisy of ‘All Lives Matter’

How the Syrian refugee crisis shows the hypocrisy of ‘All Lives Matter’. It appears the definition of “All” is subject to interpretation and convenience.