Yeah, it's cute...until someone tries tapping on my face to wake me up! Throat punch will put'em back to sleep much quicker!

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30 texts to send your husband and rock his day! #encourage #love #respect #marriage #Christian #tips #advice #resource #everleighcompany

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I kinda want a guy to write me letters sometimes. I know it's corny but it's old school love and I like writing. And it would be cute to put all the letters and things he sent to me and hang them on my wall. I doubt I will ever find a guy like that in this generation.

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Inspiring picture boy, love, puddles, quote, cute, tease, text, cutie, Relationship, relation, him, true, true love, carry, forever, guy, want, girl, teasing, jump, puddle, romantic, umbrella, you, quotes, romance, true story, wanting, yell, kiss. Resolution: 400x293. Find the picture to your taste!

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Check out @passthecirkels on Pinterest and Instagram for looks at a delicious Amsterdam treat delivered straight to you home! Pass The Cirkels! #Stroopwafels #PasstheCirkels

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