Atmosphere activities and protocols - newly updated! Teach about clouds, relative humidity, aerosols, wind, and more!

Mrs.Deringer - Earth Science Relative Humidity Links

It is known that too high relative humidity in the room is not exactly what we need for a healthy en

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33.00$ Watch here - - 5 pcs DHT21 100% New Digital-output relative humidity & temperature sensor/module,connect with single-bus-line Sensor AM2301 33.00$

What is relative humidity and how does it affect how I feel outside?

Aspiring meteorologists learn the facts behind the forecasts as they build their own digital weather station, then experiment, observe and record their findings! Jr. Forecaster Digital Weather Station Kit introduces kids to the science of relative humidity, clouds, lightning, static electricity, pH, air pollution and more. Includes tons of equipment and instructions for 16 fun experiments, all in a take-along weatherproof case. Requires 3 AAA and 2 AA batteries. Ages 8+.

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Learn how to make a hygrometer to measure relative humidity in this project. Make a sling psychrometer hygrometer with gauze, thermometers, ...

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