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15 School Homework Organization Tips To Make Your Life Easier

A back to school mini homework station to stay organised in and out of school. Heaps of ideas and tips to stay super organised during the school year!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Relaxation Station & Emotion Cards

Everyone gets sad, mad, or frustrated at times. A Relaxation Station is a calm place that is set up in the classroom to take a break and refocus back to learning. This product contains a poster that explains the purpose and goals of the Relaxation Station and some suggestions for calm down activities, 4 larger calm down strategy cards (on 1 page), 12 emotion cards (3 per page), one emotions poster with images of all 12 emotions, and ideas for setting this up in a classroom. $3.00


I believe that classrooms need to be a place for all students to feel comfortable. I know that any environment where there is stress can make students uncomfortable. I want my students to know that if they need a place to calm down, relax, and take a few minutes to themselves they have that opportunity in my room. An area like this would also be a fun place for students to read a book.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Yoga Stations Posters - Breath, Poses, Inspiration

Yoga……aaaaah……relaxation. School assignments……uuuummmm……a little stressful? Could one possibly help with success in the other? I think so! Here’s an idea: use these posters at stations around your room. Place a math problem, a reading passage, or a challenge in any subject that you choose at each station with the yoga posters. Assignments? Easy-peasy now!

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Tiny Luxury: 9 Things You Gain When You Go Tiny

Luxurious tiny bathroom features a full-sized galvanized soaking tub, a relaxing station, spa shower, vessel sink and high-end industrial vanity lights. | Tiny Homes

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Relaxation Station Water Lounge 4-Person River Tube