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This pin definitely focuses on one of the biggest arguments in society today- as seen in the Good News Club video, for example, this is an ongoing debate. Many feel creation should be taught in public schools just as evolution is, however one is a belief and the other is a scientific theory. This points out if they were to teach Christianity in schools, would they teach verses from the Quran, about Atheism, etc.?


We don't care if you believe in gods or worship them. That is your right. But if you want to push your beliefs into our schools, government or laws, understand that is NOT your right or privilege. Their is no war on religion. There is only a push back on your centuries of breaking the law because no one bothered to point out your crimes before.

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Using a Prayer Bear in the Classroom

Using a Prayer Bear in the Classroom Do you teach in a religious school? Or maybe lead Sunday school or a religious education classroom each week? I have a fun freebie for you! I use Prayer Bear in my Catholic religious formation class each week with my first graders. Each week a new student takes Prayer Bear home and gets to spend time praying with him. A binder travels with him that includes prayer prompts and a week at a glance of what they did with Prayer Bear each day. I have all the…


In School, I was often told by peers and teachers alike that I was an "Evil" child, and that I would burn in hell for not going to church and believing in magic. It's cruel, It's abusive, and It's wrong. It's why I push for no religion in schools, and why I have a problem with people of certain faiths. I've faced many issues from members of religious groups- including Christians, Catholics, and Mennonites. I don't ever want my daughter to suffer through "No Lunch" for not praying.


As Conservatives call for 'religion' back in schools they mean Qur'ans in classrooms and Kosher meals in the cafeterias right?


Have student wrinkle up the paper heart (not tearing it) and then try to flatten it out. Discuss how words or actions can harm a heart and take time to heal.... Good first week of school activity.

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INFOGRAPHIC: A Huge Map Of The World's Religions

I stand in the minority of agnostics. But as the world seems to be ruled by believers, it's important to know who are the big guys.


World of Religion - Well designed infographic depicting the demographic breakdown of the World's religions. With the visual depiction, its interesting to see the sizes of Sunni vs Shiite Muslims, atheists, and wiccans. The diminishing circles of #Christian groups is equally fascinating.