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Appalachian Journey is one of five films made from footage that Alan Lomax shot between 1978 and 1985 for the PBS American Patchwork series (1991). It offers songs, dances, stories, and religious rituals of the Southern Appalachians. Preachers, singers, fiddlers, banjo pickers, moonshiners, cloggers, and square dancers recount the good times and the hard times of rural life there.


feasting and dancing-Music played a central part in English culture at this time. Manuscripts contain many images of musicians and musical instruments, but also show the range of settings in which music was performed. This included religious rituals such as the daily cycle of prayers performed by monks, and also non-religious settings such as banquets, balls, tournaments and fairs.


This woman is carrying a traditional Hindu vase on top of her head. This is a religious ritual that is incorporated with the beliefs of the Hindu religion.


Bull Plume - Blackfoot (Northern Peigan) - circa 1880 | cherokee | native american indian | interference of white man | shotgun | sad | chief | 1800's | (I just found this too. Ok, a Piegan is nowhete NEAR Cherokee. Two completely different tribes, kids. It saddens me that American people know so bloodly little about the First Nations of the land they build their houses on and plant their prideful flag upon.)


JOJO POST STAR GATES: WHAT IS THIS FOR???! WHAT DO YOU SEE??? WHAT DO YOU THINK??? WHAT DO WE KNOW??? Great Kiva of Pueblo Bonito Ruins, Chaco Canyon.


A White Buffalo or White Bison is an American bison possessing white fur, and is considered sacred or spiritually significant in several Native American religions; therefore, such buffalo are often visited for prayer and other religious rituals. The coats of buffalo are almost always brown and their skin a dark brown or black; however, white buffalo can result from one of several physical conditions: they may be albinos, they may be leucistic with white fur but blue eyes, instead of the pink…