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Reloading Ammo: Techniques that Save Headaches or Worse

When it comes to reloading ammo, there are some tricks and tips master ballistician Phil Massaro has picked up that makes it safer and more efficient.


I’ve made several ponderously over-engineered reloading benches through the years. Sometimes, though, less is more. Robin Sharpless, who runs Redding Reloading Equipment, devised a bench that is portable, easy to assemble, and solid enough to handle the torque generated by a press. I made one based on his design in just a couple of hours. Here's how to create a fully functional setup for small spaces.


Vintage Speer Reloading Manual, No. 3 (1959) and 7 (1966)

Vintage Speer Reloading Manual, No. 3 (1959) and 7 (1966)

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit

RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Deluxe Reloading Kit with Nosler® No. 7 Reloading Manual and RCBS Trim Pro 2 Case Trimmer at Cabela's

158738 The "Reloading Guide #8" is Nosler's latest and most extensive reloading manual to date. Introducing new cartridges including Nosler's...