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Remember birthdays

Birthday tracker that you can add to/change easily. The paper ones always have people added out of order and crossed off. This would be a solution to that.


Framed Birthday Reminder Calendar

Keep track of special birthdays with the help of this beautiful birthday reminder calendar. With magnetic bunting flags, you can remember birthdays with ease.Bunting magnets are available in two colours: pastels or brights. Available in two framing styles: contemporary white or traditional white frames. The contemporary style frame is a flat white wooden 28mm frame (pictured in the first photo) whereas the traditional style frame is more ornate and made from 30mm polcore moulding in a satin…


Birthday Board


Make Your Own DIY Hanging Birthday Calendar Are you always scrambling at the last minute to buy gifts for a loved one who’s birthday you forgot? You might have forgotten to check your date book, or missed the notification in facebook. This functional and decorative event calendar is the solution!


those of you who have been to my house have probably seen my birthday calendar. mine is not nearly this cute, but i thought it was a genius idea. i always remember birthdays and make sure to get cards out on time!