This happened to my dryer yesterday! :( This tip worked great so thought I'd share:To remove ink stains from your clothes dryer, place 2 cups of bleach in a bucket, then fill the bucket halfway with water. Take some old towels and soak up the liquid in the bucket. You don`t want the towels to be dripping wet, just very damp. Place them directly into the dryer to remove the ink and run an entire cycle. Repeat if necessary.

This looks like a great list, though I'd I have problem stains, I take them to my mother. If she can't get them out, that stain is permanent. === 1

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How to Clean Gel Ink Stains from Clothing - A reader asked me how to clean gel ink stains from clothing, because using hairspray won’t remove gel stains.

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10 Laundry Disasters and How To Help Clothes Recover .... Solutions for the Worst Laundry Mistakes

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