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How to Remove Tree Sap From Dog Hair

Some types of trees make a habit of leaking sticky resin all over the place, and active dogs can have a thoroughly enjoyable time getting covered in the stuff. Dealing with the gluey combination of tree sap and dog hair is unlikely to be your idea of fun, but it is usually doable.

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You Can Use Hand Sanitizer To Remove Tree Sap From Your Car

Along with sketchy mechanics, speed limits and faulty O2 sensors, tree sap is your car’s worst nightmare. Once it has marred your otherwise pristine paint job, the stuff just won’t come off. The good news is that there’s actually an easy way to remove the plant excrement.

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Removing Tree Sap

This is a guide about removing tree sap from just about anything. Tree sap can get on anything from clothing to your car.

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How to Get Resin Out of Carpet

Resin is a clear, sticky tree sap that slowly hardens when it is exposed to the air. Because it eventually dries to a shiny, solid coating, you can use it as a craft adhesive or a finish for wooden furniture. If your crafting job has left spilled resin sticking in your carpet fibers, act quickly to dissolve and remove it. The longer you leave it, the more solid it becomes and the harder it is to remove.

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4 Car Cleaning Hacks From Industry Insiders

Car How Tos: remove an old bumper sticker from a window, remove tree sap, and fix a minor scratch. ~m.


Magic tree sap remover! Use hand sanitizer to remove sap from your car, hands, clothes...anything!


Olive Oil to Remove Sap--I'll have to try this the next time boys come in covered in sap from the pine cones!!

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Tips For Removing Tree Sap

This is another good article on getting pine tar out of things other than clothing: hair, off cars, wood decks. For getting pine tar off skin, I do know that tea tree oil works - I have some Melaluca soap from friends in Michigan and I used it all winter heating season to clean up after haulin' and stackin' wood!