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8 Things to Do Before You Shop for a Rent to Own Home

Looking for an entry into homeownership? Consider rent to own. Here are 8 things to do before you shop for a rent to own home.


How Does Buying Rent To Own Homes Work In Real Estate?

How Does Buying Rent To Own Homes Work In Real Estate? via @KyleHiscockRE


Recent difficulties in the real estate market have brought lease options (rent-to-own homes) to the forefront for those looking for a way to realize the dream of homeownership.


Rent to Own Homes Programs

It is possible to sell a home for cash and make a large profit. Many investors pay cash for every home they buy. It is also possible to get scammed. Scam artists are becoming savvier when it comes to ...


Finding a rent-to-own house is one of the many ways someone with bad or no credit can buy a house. You will often find them called names like lease/options, lease with option to buy, lease purchase, lease 2 purchase, rent with option to buy, rent to own, or rent to buy homes. There are a few differences between rent-to-own and lease-option agreements, although many people use the terms interchangeably.


Rent To Own Homes: How to Profit from a Lease Purchase

Guest post from Andrea of Make This the Day My husband and I purchased our first home when we were 23 years old. With no kids in the picture, we weren’t looking for anything fancy; we were thrilled to have a house …