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April 14, 2014. We met, we fell in love. You were the only family I had this year. They are still gone, It's been 7 years. You were home. You were the pieces of my soul I found comfort in. You were the smile that replaced my own for me when I couldn't. You got bored of my "sad, quiet, prude" self. I fixed you. You broke me. Boxing Day. You saw her, you followed her into the bathroom alone that night while I watched. You promised she was a friend yet tonight your sleeping next to her…


Don't ever get too comfortable, you can be replaced. Picture Quotes.


Those 6 words keep replaying in my head over and over.. It is never ending... I seem to every time I try and get out of this hole I'm in, I get close and then fall even more down. Yes, I have very low self-esteem and I am depressed, but it won't change the way I try and fight through this world and what the world will try and give me.


Yes you will... And unfortunately its beyond to late.. With distance i saw you clearer and realized how much time i wasted. It took a year and now I'm done.

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Lecture No. 34. There will be times in your life when you ask this of someone who has deeply wounded you. But, my beautiful boys know that the hurt, pain, the ache will pass and one day you will wake up happy again.


I love you and all your flaws every little quirk that makes you who you are. I'm not blaming you I'm sad cause your sad and i miss is weird without you. I have no friends really.... I've found I'm content with being lonely though. All I ever wanted was you and me forever with 36 cats you'll probably never see this. I guess this is my last goodbye to us but I hope you know I'm always here but you'll probably think this is stupid and laugh at me. Anyways...I love you.