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Old-House Heating Made Pretty

A baseboard heater is turned into room trim with a cover by OverBoards... this is an awesome idea! I HATE looking at the baseboard heaters.....for mom and dads house!

Only with my cat, she sleeps on top of the warm DVR on the shelf under the TV. We had to cut holes in the shelf under the DVR so it wouldn't overheat. Replaced several before it was figured out to do that, luckily they were through the cable company so no cost to us. #CILserenity would like this towel heater in a smaller version

#retrofire #70's I remember ours when we moved to our flat in 1970......we thought it so swish not having to use the paraffin heaters :-)

My transmission fluid looks pink. Is this still okay? That depends. If it is light clear pink, it’s perfectly fine. There are some ATF that look that way, especially if you have just recently had it changed. However, if it is foamy, there’s something wrong. One common problem is your radiator. The coolant was mixed on your ATF, therefore, it has to be flushed immediately and have your radiator replaced or repaired (depending on the severity of the condition). #transmissionrepair #shop #eagle