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Margaret was never known as "Molly": this was a Hollywood invention. It began in the 1930s by Denver Post reporter Gene Fowler, who created a folk tale, & sensationalist writer Carolyn Bancroft, who wrote a highly fictional account for a romance magazine that was turned into a booklet. Which became the Broadway play, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", which became the MGM movie, starring Debbie Reynolds. Even J Cameron's 1997 film "Titanic" has little to do with true story of Margaret Tobin…


Oct. 16, 1970: The Times chronicled the sale of used display stock at a warehouse on Long Island, an event that the reporter said “would have made a swarm of locusts look like a bunch of lazy butterflies.” The complete dummies cost $10 and $20, “but the parts were a bargain,” the caption said. “You could get a hand for five cents or buy an arm for a dime.”


Elvis Presley - June 30, 1956 - Mosque Theatre, Richmond After the first show was over, somebody gave him a Pepsi, soon, the momentum of his nervous energy sent him back to center stage where he sat down and started playing with the drums. A reporter in bowtie and glasses pulled up a chair and asked questions....Elvis fiddled with the drumsticks/// 'I can't play', he drawled. 'I learned this when I was in the ROTC in a Memphis High School'


Or in my case, the audience members in the "Splash Zone..." I was having the time of my life and I got a little carried away... I wasn't really in trouble, they just got a little wetter than they thought they would. Nothing can get between me, a finale on closing night, a raining theatre, and people in ponchos... And some people not in ponchos... One of my best theatre memories.


A vegan book. (Someone said to write that first so it gets 'listed' on Pinterests' vegan book search.) Reviews have said every college student ought to own this vegan book. One cannot live on ramen alone... ;) This includes how you save money at the store, and also by avoiding disease. Numbers are also crunched with every recipe having an approximate price. By Emmy-winning TV investigative reporter/financial consultant dodging genes that gave mom, aunt & both sisters breast cancer. And way…


Introduction to Reporter Gene Assays. This animation introduces the concept of reporter gene assays, The Dual-Luciferase® Assay is used as the model.