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A roundup of must-see memes lampooning Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the failed presidential candidates.: Law and Order

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Trump wants to be a dictator. He is NOT an elected king.

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Keeping Republican candidates on topic ‘gonna be...: Keeping Republican candidates on topic ‘gonna be tough’ in Detroit debate… #MegynKelly

The Republicans didn't just vote against "American jobs," they literally filibustered them. While the GOP presidential candidates debated their plans to further screw the American economy Tuesday night, every single Republican senator approved the filibuster and overwhelmingly blocked The American Jobs Act from even coming to a vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate. ~

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She wasn't just most qualified woman, but more qualified than any other candidate period.

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If the pic of him making fun of a handicapped man didn't matter to the voters, they've lost self respect.

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Ted Cruz For America. WOW ~> Harry Reid Surrenders to Ted Cruz. Mark Levin talks to Ted Cruz about IMF victory, neutered the Democrats, 2014 and more… »

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Students march against Trump and the Houston GOP debate. Houston, TX - Hundreds of University of Houston students protested at the Republican candidates debate, which was held on campus Feb. 25. The university allowed the racist Republicans to use their facilities to hold the debate and professors were asked to cancel their classes, yet University of Houston students were not allowed to attend.

Donald Trump's family show their support for him at Republican debate

Trump's wife Melania, and his children Donald Jr,  Ivanka, who is pregnant, and Eric, attended the debate in Boulder, Colorado on Wednesday night.

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