Alternative facts t-shirt from BootsTees with the definition of an alternative fact: a lie. To be worn to protest trump and the administration.

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The Republican definition of socialism: Social programs that benefit those who don't vote Republican - What Would Jack Do

Sadly, I'm afraid this is true. With one minor nit. If we let this happen, we won't be 'middle class' any more. Which I guess is what they want. To kill off the middle class completely and create an aristocracy where only the wealthy will get an education, health care and the ability to retire, and the rest of us will live completely under their control and at their whim.

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It amazes me still that so many "average" Americans actually believe that someone like Trump actually cares about them!

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Merriam-Webster's definition of "republic": a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law. Republicans don't know how to republic.

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Republicans and Trump have done so much harm to Our Nation in the last 8 years and more so "now" in this Presidential Election. How could anyone who truly loves this country vote Republican. They don't deserve to hold office.

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Why don't people understand this? It's old news, something I learned in school when a kid. What the hell are schools teaching that they don't have time for Phys Ed etc, but they also don't teach REAL history or read classics or how to think and gain a foundation to succeed in life, either? Is a school day focused solely on liberal, socialist indoctrination? What ARE they doing all day?!

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