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Republican front runner, Donald Trump, wishes to take segregation in America to an entirely new level!! #TrumpRacist


TRUST ME, THE WORLD SEES TRUMP AS AN IDIOT & A PUSHOVER! HE HAS NO SELF-CONTROL! Donald Trump protestors and supporters clashed outside of a rally for the Republican front-runner in Costa Mesa, California where Trump was campaigning on April 28, 2016. Description from I searched for this on

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It's seemingly apparent the Trumpites don't read or employ critical thought much. Their aversion towards anything intelligible precludes any kind of getting through to them. They "stick to their guns", with foolish pride, & in a vain attempt to display a peculiar & phony "strength". Though this can be said of many Americans/Westerners in general. Individuality & stubborness, in the end, will be a huge part of our civilization's eventual demise. Just a hunch.

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How did this monster get created? The decades of GOP lies that brought us Donald Trump, Republican front-runner

A true republican: ego, hate and greed. To be fair, the bankruptcies were his companies, not him personally. I'm not sure why that makes it better.


Barron Trump is getting more media exposure as his father, Donald Trump, works the campaign trail. The Republican presidential front-runner is often posing with

If you need something to brighten your spirits during this tough election cycle, Minnesota community activist Ilhan Omar became the first Somali-American Muslim female legislator Tuesday night. In truth, Omar, 34, became the clear front-runner for the position in August when she defeated a 44-year incumbent to become the Democratic nominee. She faced little Republican…


Citizen Super Pac, which has a history of backing the Republican Party, funded this ad comparing GOP front-runner Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

The people of America have a lot to be uneasy about if the Republican front runner, Donald Trump wins the 2016 US general election especially where..

Civil rights activist Charles Evers is endorsing Donald Trump for president, touting what Evers refers to as the current Republican front-runner's business acumen.