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#HandsOffSocSec #NoWars4Oil #ProgressivesUnite!

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and for my Democratic Senators and Reps to speak up. Not lay down and have the GOP walk all over them.

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GOP, Republicans, Connivers, Hustlers, Sociopaths, Snake-oil salesmen, evangelicals, 'religious conviction' or at least the pretense thereof, radicals, disturbed, hearing voices

Our Criminal Republican Congress protected Michigan's GOP Gov. Rick Snyder from being prosecuted for Poisoning Low Income Families. Rotten Republicans

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GOP true colors.... cheating is fine as long as we're the beneficiaries

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The GOP of 2017 Is the Most Extreme Party Coalition Since the Civil War, and the Outlook Is Bleak

Jan. 8, 2017 - - The Republican Party of 2017 is more radical than conservative

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This President-Elect has Fascism & Dictator written all over him, we have a fight on our hands America.

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It's going well because Republicans re elected the very people who are waging the war on the Middle Class. Medicare, Social Security, Healthcare, Childcare, Women's Rights, Civil Rights, Minimum Wage Increase....All on the Chopping Block.

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? These clowns want everyone to think that embassy security (ESPECIALLY THE SECURITY OF AN AMBASSADOR ASSIGNED TO LIBYA) is important to them. THEY ARE THREATENING TO FURTHER SLASH EMBASSY SECURITY BY 50% UNLESS THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT. Click the link below to read the actual bill.....

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