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Michael Flynn: An Alarming Pick for National Security Adviser

Nov. 19, 2016 - - Editorial: Michael Flynn is an alarming pick for national security adviser


CLEVELAND, OH — Yesterday, July 19, 2016, was the first day of the 2016 Republican National Convention, a convention steeped in confusion, manipulation and…plagiarism? From Steve Womack…


Republican National Convention: The one graph you need to see before watching

Republicans, stop the madness, those in power are enriching themselves while they divide the masses by crying welfare and social security need to be cut, so they can continue to hand over millions in subsidies to corporate power. Unite on common ground issues to make our government work again. The problem isn't big gov't, the problem is broken, dysfunctional government. Let's take it back. #BernieOrBust


A roundup of must-see memes lampooning Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the failed presidential candidates.: Trump Supporters


It's sad to see a beautiful woman with a big heart and so much potential wasting her time, losing her dignity, her values and self-respect for a sorry ass excuse of a man. A man that has nothing to offer her but pain, stress, lies and tears... a man that doesn't know her worth and is too blinded by his greed to find more jewels for his collection than see the treasure he already has in front of him.... a man that will only use her to his advantage and ultimately bring down her self-esteem...


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