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Republican party candidates 2016

Oh how some people forget history that it was the Republican Party that abolished the atrocity that is slavery.


12 OF THE MOST DIGUSTING & DISTURBING COMMENTS COMING FROM THE 2016 GOP CANDIDATE'S "BLOWHOLES." Consider the clown car of candidates in the first debate; Almost every single one of them managed to say incredibly insensitive things about issues that directly affect women.


Republican 2016 candidates back Indiana's 'religious freedom' law -

James Madison one our greatest leaders at the beginning of our young nation. How surprised he would be to see religion being used by the Republican Party to garner votes for their corporate takeover by the Koch brothers.


What the Hell Happened to American Politics?

Remember when politics attracted the best and brightest? Yeah, about that. (They forgot mentally stable. Although I think that's supposed to be a given.)


ATTENTION, REPUBLICANS: How to Lose a Presidential Election Before You Pick Your Candidate---2016 could be a good year for the Republican party. Look at what the Democrats have done. The economy stinks. The Democrats have been caught in a series of lies and scandals…like cutting political deals in exchange for campaign donations. The Dems are desperate. They hope to import 15 million illegal immigrants so they can win the next election through voter fraud. This doesn’t look good for them…or…


Presidential Candidates’ Shocking Behavior

Some humor now and then always helps. -------------------- Presidential Candidates’ Shocking Behavior