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I LOVE that he's too afraid to debate Hillary but he's gotta suck it up! I'm looking forward to her talking rings around him!

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The Best Bakeries In S.F., According To Instagram

Mr. Holmes is a sensation among followers (also known as "holmies"). Between the neon sign reading, "I Got Baked In S.F." to the famous and super-photogenic cruffin (a donut-muffin-croissant hybrid), this spot was practically made for Instagram.


Veteran Arizona sheriff defeats three in Republican primary -


I keep hearing people talk about supporting our troops, "support the troops!" Only 9% of Americans showed up to vote in the primaries. Here's an idea, how about showing up for what our troops have fought and died for, our right to vote. We're no longer a democracy because we dropped the ball and failed to show up but we can fix that by voting for the only candidate who isn't beating the war drums, Jill Stein.


Third Republican Primary Debate - Main Stage - October 28 2015 on CNBC - YouTube

Poster depicting Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet. William H. Seward, Salmon P. Chase, Simon Cameron and Edward Bates had all competed against Lincoln in the Republican primary and were thus effectively offered positions in the cabinet to assure Lincoln's nomination. Despite Lincoln's political inexperience he was able to not only manage his "Team of RIvals," but turn them into loyal advisors.

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A Good Conspiracy Theory About the Republican Primary


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Controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio wins his Republican primary

Controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio wins his Republican primary -

We will be at war soon after if Trump gets elected. It's a money-making endeavor for himself. Just like for Bush & Cheney.


How exactly is this helping? Greedy Republican puppet protecting the rich + wealthy Corporate welfare moochers!!