The media keep blaming Obama for stuff yet look how much better America is without George W. Bush Jr

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WELCOME: Republicans for Hillary, that is a demonstration of some sanity from them at least. True, Though I'm hoping for Bernie, if Hilary is the only Dem Choice I will vote for her, and yeah though I wish those possible Hilary republicans would vote 4 Bernie, them voting for Hilary is not so bad.

Hillary’s Simple Formula: Trust the American People====If we had a penny for every vicious attack, every smear, every insult hurled at Hillary, we'd be rich. And yet somehow, Hillary wins.

Meg Whitman just joined the list of Republicans for Hillary — and the list is growing fast - The Washington Post

Republicans for Hillary: Donald Trump hating republicans may just hand the election to Hillary because of how awful his policies are.

The current president, along with all living past presidents reject Donald Trump. If they don't think he's the man for the job, why do you?

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