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There is no greater joy than rescuing a pet in need. Rescue your new best friend today! #thinkbeyond #commissioned #cutedogquote

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my sweet little tramp brings so much happiness to me. I wouldn't trade his happy little wiggly self for anything:)

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Every life is valuable... Including children's!!!!! Help. End. Abortion.!! Please! ... Children's lives matter too!

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Friday Favorites #2

♥ Dogs ♥ In memory of Mick, we rescued him after a horrible first rescue gone wrong. When we got him he was blind and neglected. He joined our family with so much love. We miss him so much. Please recue if you can. Mick gave us so much!

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17 Before And After Pics Of Rescued Dogs To Make Your Eyes Rain Tears Of Joy

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Adopt, don´t shop. A message from:

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I make my husband tell me the story of how we got our rescue allllll of the time. (Yes, like a child. HA!)

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Just stumbled across this cool page for Desmond Gahan

Just a reminder that although your best furry friend has passed, there are others out there that wish they had your love as well.

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🤘🏻✌🏻️ LovingLife on

OMG!!! I so would!! I want to help animals and people.. Ya'll can have that Ferrari and designer brand nonsense!! I want to make a difference and help! I wouldn't even buy a Corvette.. That's money I can do better things with☺️

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Rescued dogs are family: Man saves abandoned dog and finds his best friend

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Rescue dogs are always special. Share the love with Rescue Dog Mom t - shirts. Perfect for Rescue Dog doggie moms! See more Rescue Cat Mom : Best Tshirt 2015

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Written for rescue dogs but works well for all dogs, Bonding with Your Rescue dog will help you deepen your relationship with your dog.

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