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A Stanford University field researcher documents her unexpected discoveries about elephant communication, describing her observations about how elephants engage in specific listening behaviors that reveal the complexity of their social relationships.

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"As a practical bridge between the classroom and the field, this down-to-earth, hands-on collection offers an impressive range of insightful, focused vignettes about cultural research that will jumpstart students’ thinking about the practice of anthropology."

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On July 20th 2015, posted by Torquay Museum on their Facebook Page: "The new film about the life and expeditions of Torquay explorer Percy Harrison Fawcett is about to go into production.Today Carly Mason a member of the production design team for THE LOST CITY OF Z has been researching from the archive stored at the Museum. The Museum hopes to be part of this creative process, using the artefacts held in store to help the production achieve historical accuracy." Source via @Robjectify…

What factors increase the risk of coronary heart disease have been the topic of research studies for many years. As we become more knowledgeable about the risk factors we can decrease the risk of heart disease and discover ways to more adequately treat it.

Click photo to see our recommended yoga resources, including an article on the scientifically proven benefits of yoga and on Ananda Yoga: a unique branch of spiritual yoga that uses positive affirmations to benefit both the body and mind and prepare one’s energy for meditation.


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