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Using mind mapping is a great way to get your upper elementary, middle school, & high school students engaged in learning! It allows students to doodle while adding pictures & visuals to their work. It's an inspiring & logical way to engage students in note taking. It also maps out ideas so they can recall material! Use this post to learn all about creative mind map lessons & how they can help students with brainstorming, problem solving, memorization, planning, researching,


Animal Research Projects ideas for grades K-4! Great ideas to get your students excited about research!


Groundhog Facts Animal Study

Engage your class in an exciting hands-on experience learning all about groundhogs! This Groundhog: An Animal Study is perfect for science in Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade classrooms and packed full of inviting science activities. Students will learn about the difference between groundhogs and beavers, mammals, parts of a groundhog, and a groundhog can, have, are craftivity. When students are done they can complete a groundhog research project. This pack is…


African American Composers (Music Activities For Black History Month)

This is perfect for music teachers who want to celebrate black history month in their classroom! It contains information PowerPoint presentations, research pages, posters, coloring sheets, writing prompts, and other unique materials to aid students in learning about 9 famous African American composers and musicians!


Every school year I start my 4th and 5th grade classes with a unit about online research. I know there are some great "kid-friendly" search engines out there, and we do discuss them, but I think all students should know how to successfully use google.


Online Research Skills Complete 7 Lesson Unit

Research Skills are critical for today's students. This complete 7 lesson unit will teach your upper elementary or middle school students everything they need to be successful online researchers. All about Online Search Copyright and Fair Use Evaluate a Website Judging Online Information Putting Info. Together Search Better Search Engines and Strategies


I shared this graphic on social media this week inspired by the daily Healthy Habits, Happy Moms email which reported: “Research shows us that if we try to change just one small thing in our lives, we have about an 80% chance of achieving that change. If we try to change two things at one time,...

There is so much value in allowing students to discover new concepts on their own, complete their own research, and teach others. There is ALSO a whole lot of value in writing in the content areas. Read about how I implemented this activity before teaching a science unit on Electricity and Magnetism.