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Stop lying about everything. Its said when someone lies about a disease for attention. Then lies on someone so they look better. Pathetic


Cut the narcissist out of your life completely. Do a damn good job of breaking with him and be clear of your boundaries. The line is the front door and he no longer crosses it. Block calls, texts and email if you can and go to places where he doesn't know you will be. If you see him be indifferent and don't stop to talk to him, just say hello if he says something and keep going. Consider taking a restraining order if he begins to harass you and keeps knocking on your door.


Violence in Relationships by Kristen Houghton in the issue of Kalon Women! "Many people who have never been in an abusive relationship have no idea how difficult it is to get out. They assume, wrongly, that all you have to do is file a complaint, get a restraining order, and leave. This is simplistic thinking." Read the article here: and leave your comments below.