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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 likely to host retina scanner -

Retina scanner for the Vivo X5 Pro gets confirmed -


Mi7 Xiaomi retina scanner

iPhone 6 concept with EYE ID retina scan New concepts on the iPhone 6 flourish on the net.


Retina Scanner Icon

Vivo X5 Pro Will Sport A Retina Scanner, According To The Company's Newest Teaser

Apple iPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S5- Is The Apple Retina Scanner Inspired From The Rumored S5 Spec?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3′s Successor Note 4 to Feature a Retina Scanner?

from Live Science

Portable Retina Scanner Could Protect Your Identity on the Go

A portable retina scanner small enough to fit in a purse could one day be used to combat identity theft and strengthen personal security. The device can identify people by scanning their retina, a light-sensitive layer at the back of the eyeball.