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The Top 10 TED Talks Every Woman Should See. (Seriously, They're Amazing.)

The Top 10 TED Talks Every Woman Should See. (Seriously, They're Amazing.):

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Today's Word of the Day is parapraxis. Learn its definition, pronunciation, etymology and more. Join over 19 million fans who boost their vocabulary every day.

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Search the Visual Thesaurus! an interactive tool that allows you to discover the connections between words in a visually captivating display. Word maps let you search for just the right word and then explore related concepts, revealing the way words and meanings relate to each other. It’s a word-lover’s delight, with more than 145,000 words and 115,000 meanings organized in an innovative and intuitive design. Try it now!

Abraham Ortelius ((14 April 1527 – 28 June 1598) by Peter Paul Rubens: Abraham Ortelius in his work Thesaurus Geographicus ... suggested that the Americas were "torn away from Europe and Africa ... by earthquakes and floods" and went on to say: "The vestiges of the rupture reveal themselves, if someone brings forward a map of the world and considers carefully the coasts of the three [continents]."

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It’s In the Bag! Teenager Wins Science Fair, Solves Massive Environmental Problem : Discoblog

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3 Steps to Taking Your Character Further and Deeper With...Anger? - WRITERS HELPING WRITERSWRITERS HELPING WRITERS

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Sometimes it's hard for people to write from their own heart and soul. When you go on a writing journey, you discover a lot about who you are. When you reveal yourself, become vulnerable and show your passions, that’s what makes it exciting for the reader and that’s where the magic happens. Lifestory Toolkit: The Emotion Thesaurus. Free Download: Does Your Scrapbook Have a Story Arc and Behind the Scenes of Writing a Book. h

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Word of the Day from @Dictionarycom - divulgate - to make publicly known; publish.

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