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Flat Abs Workout
from Daily Health Post

9 Amazing Flat Belly Workouts To Help Sculpt Your Abs

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5-Dayseries We all know that abs are made in the kitchen. However, there are specific moves that you can do to make those muscles defined and give it a little “pop.” Whether you are going on a summer cruise or just headed to your neighbor’s pool party, here is a 5 day total ab workout plan to get your abs to where they need to be! Be prepared to sweat a little! Monday 20 Reverse Crunches 30 Russian Twists 40 Second Side Plank 30 Mountain Climbers 20 Scissors Tuesday 20 V-Ups 30 Mountain…


Sometime you just don't want to do crunches. Here are four killer moves for getting those flat abs you've always wanted without sitting on the ground! To learn how to choose the proper dumbbell weight for these exercises, visit @Nisfit's card here: 1. Dumbbell Side Bend - 10 Reps 2. Standing Core Stabilizer - 10 Reps 3. Bow Extension - 10 Reps Each Side 4. Reverse Dumbbell Chop - 10 Reps Each Side


Proper form for Reverse Crunch. Three times per week, 5-10 minutes. Break them up in to sets of 20 with rests in between.


Abs on Fire Workout (core, lower abs, upper abs, obliques, legs) -- Windshield wipers, Long arm crunches, Reverse crunches, Bicycle crunches, Modified V-sits, Heel touches


On the phone with my grandmother the other day - she was yelling at/lecturing me about how I need to exercise. Little did she know (until I hollered back at her two seconds later), I was doing the single leg raise.