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Behavior charts! Three check marks means the clothes pin moves down a step. If child gets to red, no stickers or screen time. Good behavior means the clothes pin moves up a step. Get to the top and child gets a sticker for the day at bedtime. 7 stickers = reward. Rewards may increase in value as time goes on.


reward system based on 'real world' -- kids earn chips for good behaviors and chores, then turn them in for things they want. they also lose chips for behaviors that aren't acceptable. (this is the chart I created for my little nanny-kids)


I think this felt reward chart is very clever. Felt rather than paper gives it a really ‘special’ element. The paddlepop sticks are genius – you get a paddle pop stick for every good behaviour. If you have X number of paddlepop sticks at the end of the week, you get a prize.


Going to make one for home! Behavior Chart: Begin at Good Job every day. The clips are moved up and down based on certain requirements. If a child is on any green space at the end of the day they get 5 pom poms in their jar. When the jar is full the child gets their pre-chosen reward (treat, prize, night out with mom or dad, etc.)