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Dark Rhey and Kylo Ren via


Rey cosplay sleeve tutorial by @chrissycat84 Be sure to tag me in your pics if you end up using this! :) 1. I started by cutting the sleeves off of a white long sleeved tee and dipping them in a tea stain. 2. Next step is to sew elastic into the sleeves so they stay in place. I did this by flipping it so that what was the wrist is now on top with the larger band for the upper arm and the upper arm part of the tee is now the wrist part with the smaller band. You will have to trim off the…

from DaWanda

DIY-Anleitung: Star Wars: Rey-Lederarmband herstellen via

Kostenlose Nähanleitung: Das Star Wars Armband von Rey nähen / free star wars diy: how to sew Rey's leather wrist band via