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Rhythm - A design principle that encompasses the visual quality of movement, describing the manner in which our eye moves through an artwork.


This is a cool optical illusion. First I saw the circles and liked their colors, then I saw their were leaves in the picture. :)


Victor Vasarely Great use of line to create the illusion of depth. A simple rhythm is set up between the mirror images on top and below, the warping in the lines helps create shape and form in the image.

Use this for name drawing- write name in block letters then draw line pattern over. Color in spaces, zentangles too?

from Yatzer

Matt Shlian: The Unconventional Artist and Paper Engineer Talks to

Art Nouveau designs consisted of natural lines and curved lines. This type of style was totally different from the Victorian Period.


\Kandinsky-inspired lesson. Coordinate with the music teacher to do a joint lesson about Jazz music and how that relates to Rhythm in art and the artist Kandinsky. Then I had the kiddos draw with crayons to re-create the feeling of the jazz music we were listening to, keeping them focused on making lines and shapes; abstract, not representational.