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Great talk by Rich Franklin "How to Be a Loser" ~ rich-franklin-tells-tedx-losing-is-inevitable-make-sure-you-have-the-tools-to-deal-with-it


How to be a loser: Rich Franklin (former UFC Champion) at TEDxUChicago Rich has many great points in this video: - How to deal with a loss - Being an effective loser 1. Selective Amnesia 2. Choosing the best of the three options in every decision-making process 3. If faced with Losing, lose with the effort of a champion "Losing is inevitable. Make sure you have to tools in your toolbox to deal with it."

from The Good Men Project

"There's a potential loser in each and every one of you." Rich Franklin wants you to find your inner loser in order to be your best self.

Can a healthy lifestyle contribute to excellence in professional athletes? Here's a word from world-class fighter Rich Franklin.


Often labeled the UFC's 'company man', Rich Franklin isn't known to turn down fights. (Getty)