Enjoy your tea time with rich tea biscuits -- practically perfect in every way. Regula of Miss Foodwise shows us how.

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It’s not that I felt my usual Rocky Road Crunch Bars needed any improvement (though fiddling with recipes is one of life’s pleasures) but I thought they would benefit from some seasonal adjustment. So, out go the Rich Tea biscuits and in come amaretti and – in the seasonal spirit – I’ve crammed in some Brazil nuts and glacé cherries (as red as Rudolph’s nose), along with snowy mini marshmallows. The fresh snowfall of icing sugar on top might seem seasonal enough, but not for me. So I add…

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McVitie's Rich Tea Classic Biscuits

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The question is… are you a Digestive or Rich Tea kind of person. Anyone who loves to dunk a biscuit in their hot drink will have an answer for you straight away. Tea and biscuits are as essential to Britain’s cultural history as the Queen, the moody skies of Turner, pudding and queuing. FOOD52 asked...Read More »

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