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Judges Excoriating Other Judges for Using Terms of Art They Don’t Like: The Comments of Richard Posner

from Salon

“Would you criminalize fornication?” Desperate new argument against same-sex marriage laughed out of court

GOP voter ID law gets crushed: Why Judge Richard Posner’s new opinion is so amazing: His dissent includes a devastating response to virtually every false and/or disingenuous rightwing argument/talking point ever put forth in support of Photo ID voting restrictions, describing them as “a mere fig leaf for efforts to disenfranchise voters likely to vote for the political party that does not control the state government.”

Striking down a state effort to "politically interfere" with a woman's right to choose, a federal appeals court on Monday declared a Wisconsin law unconstitutional in a ruling reproductive rights advocates say is both a "victory" and an important precedent for an upcoming Supreme Court decision. In his searing rebuke, Judge Richard Posner with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, said the law was a "clear flouting of Roe v. Wade."


Derecho y pornografía / Catharine A. MacKinnon, Richard Posner ; introducción: María Mercedes Gómez. 344.522 M12

I plead guilty to having written the majority opinion (affirmed by the Supreme Court) upholding Indiana’s requirement that prospective voters prove their identity with a photo ID—a law now widely regarded as a means of voter suppression rather than fraud prevention--Judge Richard Posner