Richard Serra

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Richard Serra, "The Matter of Time", 2005, installation of eight sculptures of steel sheets, 12-14 ft high and 44-276 tons, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain.

Richard Serra : Torqued Ellipse - no way to describe how it makes you feel to experience

Richard Serra's mammoth 'Sequence': finally in open air and open to the public July 27 | Stanford News Release

so richard serra. but mini size.

Richard Serra @ Gagosian Gallery | London

Richard Serra | Torqued Torus Inversion, 2006

richard serra.

Richard Serra, Exhibition of recent work, London | Gagosian Gallery

Richard Serra. Grid/Matrix. interaction of space and objects creating a specified path for both eye and body to follow.

Richard Serra Backdoor Pipeline

Richard Serra Balanced 1970 Hot-rolled steel 246.4 x 157.5 x 2.5 cm 97 x 62 x 1"

One of the many sculptures by Richard Serra inside the Dia:Beacon.

Noted, AVL: sculptural installation by Richard Serra. Moving through his work is a full body experience.


Richard Serra's "Snake" in the Guggenehim in Bilbao. Absolutely in love with his work, and that museum. I'll get back there someday

Richard Serra, Monumenta, 2008

Richard Serra’s “Te Tuhirangi Contour” at the Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park.

Richard Serra etching

Richard Serra answers: Why make art?

Gehry meets Richard Serra. Between the Torus and the Sphere (Toruaren eta esferaren artean). 2003-2005 - Guggenheim Museum

atrumprocer: Richard Serra Early Works at David Zwirner is a must see.

Richard Serra‘s | East-West/West-East — a permanent sculptural installation in Qatar’s desert, approximately 60 kilometers from Doha at the Brouq Nature Reserve.

As the light beams down upon the corridor seen in this image, the contrasting black and white colour scheme gives the photograph a very sophisticated, bold and strong mood. The faded grey and white palette helps reinforce the lights power and strength in dark spaces.

Richard Serra