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For a guy who was only in five SPN episodes, you’d never know it from the incredible relationship he has with the cast. #RichardSpeightJr and SPN Cast

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"Once we were beehives...then we were children with broken homes, dead friends and raped sisters."

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killedmycatatemytailor: nova-r: thedreamer2931: I love how Richard just took that stuffed octopus and mushed it into his face. TOO. CUTE.

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Take time everyday to talk to Him. Tell Him everything. - Elder Richard G. Scott | ‪#‎ldsconf‬

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Richard Speight, Jr. on

Richard Speight Jr. tweeted this exchange with Mark Pellegrino. The tag! #Satanconfusedmewithhiswife kills me. And notice that he has Mark in his phone as just Mark. XD - Supernatural cuties

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Richard Speight Jr. about Jared: ''You genetic freak! I was polite with you being tall, I can deal with you being handsome, but perfect hair? Damn you to hell!''

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