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Mis amigos de BuzzFeed México les comparten unos ricos Sugushots con panditas.Unos Sugushots con Panditas para cerrar la semana como..

Deputy Margarita Ricos is young, tough, kind-hearted, and smart. Raised on the edge of the US in Terlingua, TX, her broad perspective of "the border", its people and its issues, makes her a most effective advocate of justice and fairness in a world that is neither. #garciabooks


(Old Fashioned) Cornflake Candy

{OLD FASHIONED} CORNFLAKE CANDY. We realized the other day that the rest of the world might not know about this yummy treat. I got the recipe from my husband, who got it from his mother, who got it from an elderly woman in Mississippi before she passed away. In other words, it's tried and true and been around for awhile! Give it a try tonight for a simple and yummy after-dinner treat or give it away to your friends. One batch won't last long!