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go to your HOMETOWN tyler before you get STRESSED OUT because we all know the RIDE makes you want to turn on the CAR RADIO

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18 Funny-Ass Posts About Panic! At The Disco

"You've heard of Panic! At The Disco, now get ready for Anxiety! In The Target Parking Lot."

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edit by me (@blurryfayce). please do not repost pin anywhere or claim as your own! tumblr url: slowstown

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I would live for my favorite bands, I would die for all of my friends, and i would kill my enemies...

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twenty one pilots | Tumblr

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+ hi, i’m michelle & tyler joseph makes me cry links | edits | apply for my net! | friends

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Ok so ride came on the radio and when it got to where Tyler is singing "I've been thinking too much" in the high voice and the normal voice my mom looks at me and goes "these guys have excellent voices" and I kinda looked at her and said "there's only one guy that sings" and she went "wait what"

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Twenty one pilots

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josh dun during the ride music video

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