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Right Arrow Symbol

Arrows symbolize focus and following your own path, and when two arrows cross, they symbolize friendship, too. #JamesAvery


Astronomical Mars moon Phobos symbol. The symbols for them are based on the lower-case versions of the Greek letters Phi and Delta, which begin those two names in the original Greek, with the arrow from Mars's symbol added on.

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Arch Formula T-Shirt

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Arrow of Light Arrow Striping

The Arrow of Light is Cub Scout’s highest rank. In many packs, it’s customary to honor Arrow of Light recipients with a plaque, a ceremonial arrow or both. One of the traditions observed by many packs is to put stripes on the shaft of the arrow to symbolize the boys’ achievements during their Cub Scout …


regram @_picolo Zodiac Arrows (3/3) DESCRIPTION BELOW Sagittarius were not influenced by Aries custom arrows. As natural archers their arrows were always the shape of their zodiac sign. These arrows can travel unbelievable distances and are often mistaken by shooting stars Capricorns were always resilient to big changes so they decided to modify their arrow only once and never again. The fish tail in the place of the fletching is reminiscent of their sign symbol (a sea goat). It can…


Pembe Cuff

Arrows are a symbol & sign of protection. I Dig this. Makes me feel all Native American and stuffs. oh wait.. I am. Ha :)


It's the last Sat of the month, meaning it's time for #newspreadsaturday, hosted by and @tabithadial. Here is a simple spread to help you or your clients through a rough patch, and discover the deeper meaning from the sadness you/they feel. It provides a dose of understanding, advice and hope when needed most. Please tag me @dreamintuition if you use it! #dreamintuition #tarotreading #tarotreader #losangeles #guidance #advice #lifeadvice #tarot #tarotgram #tarotblog…