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Is "Right to Work" really about workplace freedom? Or about big business cutting down on choices...?

from The Economist

Republicans v unions

Republican "Right to Work" law gives corporations the 'right' to pay you the lowest wage possible for your time and 'work.'


AFFIRMATION: I am ALWAYS attracting abundance. Say it over and over and over again until you start to rewire your thinking. My guess is that you state how much money you DON'T have right now instead of working with your vibrational super powers and using the Law of Attraction. Remember, to think is to create. So each time you affirm that there's not enough money, or you're lacking something then the Universe will respond. #LoA #manifesting


The Secret ~ Law of Attraction. Politically, the inspiration behind this book (The Science of Getting Rich) is to my mind fairly to the right of centre, so if you're a liberal, it might not really tick all your boxes. Link to Wallace D. Wattles book: -

from the Guardian

Wisconsin right-to-work law struck down by court as unconstitutional

Wisconsin right-to-work law struck down by court as unconstitutional Right-to-work laws prohibit businesses and unions from reaching agreements that require all workers, not just union members, to pay union dues 04.08.16

Law of Attraction: This is so because once you believe or intend for joy and happiness in your day: that's all you will see to prove yourself right. Its the same with negative thoughts. Interesting stuff

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Get your sledge hammers out, ladies – we need to smash through that glass ceiling!

In accordance with the White House, full-time working women earn 77% of what their male counterparts earn. Ultimately, this implies that women must work an additional 3 months in order to earn what men did in the previous year. This pin acts as a visual display for the multiple ways in which women are discriminated against for simply gender. In a world where women are beginning to rely less on men for financial prospects, we should strive towards pay equity. This step is claims making.