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Mikeb302000: Ringo Starr on Gun Violence for the Anniversary of John Lennon's Death

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ringo starr memes | john lennon ringo starr george harrison 1960s 60s magical mystery tour

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Ringo Starr grins cheerfully at fans as he drives, with Paul McCartney, from London airport on July 4, 1965, after the tousle-haired pop group returned from a European tour that played to less than capacity houses and received a relatively subdued welcome from about 1,000 young screamers, mostly girls. (AP Photo)

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asdfghjkl the beatles first tour iin America is playing on thursday at 9 yes im wathcing

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Exclusive: Beatles Photos from Ringo Starr's New Book

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If you mess with Ringo, you mess with Aren. Ringo Starr: A Few Words In Favor of the Other Surviving Beatle - Rocks Off

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