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Ringworm Ointment

Young Living Thieves Essential Oils for Equines. - Apply 1 to 3 drops to open wounds to prevent infection and promote healing - Beneficial to any hoof condition including thrush, white line disease, and infection of the frog - Dilute with YL Animal Scents Ointment and apply to ringworm - Opens abcesses - Use on splinters to eject from the body - Combine with Thieves Toothpaste to make a poultice and apply to scratches - Prevent and treat gum disease - Neutralizes toxins and relieves pain of…


You don't want to be associated with undesirable #Ringworm. Get Blue Star Ointment today and get rid of Ringworm quick! Guaranteed Since 1920!


ZonOx - Topical ointment formulated to help aid the body in dealing with bacterial, fungal an infection problems. ZonOx is designed to help with scratches, minor cuts, rashes, ringworm, thrush, warts, sacroids and many other skin conditions.

Durvet Nu-Stock Ointment, 12-Ounce -

***TO BE DESTROYED 09/01/16*** RINGWORM IS TOTALLY TREATABLE BUT AMBER THE 2 MONTH OLD KITTEN WILL BE KILLED FOR IT!! AMBER has ringworm and conjunctivitis. Ringworm is treated with anti-fungal cream and meds and conjunctivitis is also treated with antibiotic ointment and meds if needed. Sadly, this cute kitten is going to die for having this. Someone found little AMBER and brought him too the ACC because she felt bad. So someone thinking they were helping this kitten, was probably misled…

"Blue Kote is a quick-drying, protective wound dressing to treat ringworm, skin abrasions and surface wounds. It covers the wound with a deep, penetrating coating to promote clean, rapid healing. It works well for birds who have been pecked. Blue Kote has an unpleasant taste to help stop cannibalism." -Murray McMurray Hatchery