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A normal test is when the patient can hear the tuning fork easier when held 1 cm from the EAC rather than when placed on the bone


Conductive vs. Sensorineural Hearing Loss... Rinne's Test = Tuning fork on the mastoid process... Rinne's test should have AC > BC with vibration still heard after movement around to the front... Weber's Test = tuning fork at the forehead with equal sounds heard bilaterally... Weber's will lateralize to the affected ear in Conductive and the unaffected ear in Sensorineural


To let your body love this world that gave itself to your care in all of its ripeness, with ease, and will take itself from you in equal ripeness and ease, is also harvest. And however sharply you are tested – this sorrow, that great love – it too will leave on that clean knife. — JANE HIRSHFIELD, FROM “RIPENESS,” IN THE OCTOBER PALACE