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This piece has been revised and reworked as 'When You are Ashes, Remember This'

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After 8 months that I was finding for the right tattoo representing something about me, now I finally got it. The pheonix, rising on fire.

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Top 10 Phoenix Tattoo Designs

My new tattoo <3 The Phoenix is ready, text will be tattooed today :-) Lewis Hamilton seems to have same text... didn't know...

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Almost the exact form I want. Only I'd want it cleaned up a bit and hardened. And of course, set ablaze.

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The rising Phoenix bird symbolizes the ability to rise above a troubled life and represents victory over death. For example, we all go through rough patches in our life. We all go through troubled times andwhen we do, we usually seek a new beginning. The Phoenix tattoo can represent this in tattoo form. It can be there to remind you of your strength to overcome trouble in your life.

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