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Trump Derangement Syndrome – Demonstrated by the left’s loony actions from rioting in the streets to demands for a recount.

6 Must-See Trauma-Related Infographics - The Helpful Counselor
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6 Must-See Trauma-Related Infographics

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15 Ways Raspberries Can Help You Slim Down

Its pectin has a detoxifying effect & can help with colitis, IBS & other digestive disorders. The triterpenoids in apple peel have potent anti-growth activity against cancer cells in the liver, colon & breast. Eating apples may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, linked to heart disease & diabetes. Increased production of acetylcholine that helps memory & lowers risk of Alzheimer's has been linked to its juice. Quercetin, an antioxidant in the fruit can improve lung function. #dherbs

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Community Post: 31 Random Facts About Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

This one is a biggie for me. I hold things oddly. It's really embarrassing eating out because I hold my utensils like a child haha but I can't help it /:


How many of these 16 #Magnesium-rich foods do YOU like? ❥➥❥ Andrew Weil, M.D. ~ "Magnesium helps maintain muscles, nerves, and bones, and studies have shown that a diet rich in magnesium may help protect against metabolic syndrome, a combination of risk factors that can lead to diabetes and heart disease. It promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism"... pinned with Pinvolve -