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Ritual Definition

from Simplicity Relished

Why We Need Rituals (and how to develop your own)

Do you desire to live more simply and intentionally? Here's how creating your own rituals will help. | Why We Need Rituals (and how to develop your own) #minimalism #intention


Tenfold New York — Matte Brass Round Table Top Mirror With Matte Brass Stand

Tenfold New York bridges the definitions of a house and a home: a place of both function and beauty, revelation and intimacy, ritual and amenity. This satin-finished brass mirror is a versatile addition to any vanity, table, or countertop. Designed to pivot atop a streamlined stand, it can be positioned at various angles on either side of the semi-circular base.


Yep. Witchcraft is inherently secular -a craft, like wood working, knitting, or painting. The only difference is that its medium is spiritual forces.


Ahh! The luminous spirit tarot decks are officially making their way to me and should take from 7-10 days for all of them to get here. We take a little bit of time to count inventory and unpack but definitely within 2 weeks your decks should start shipping! I'm so excited to see these babies get to you all! Depending on where you are in this wide universe they might even make it in time for the holidays. #mysticism #shaman #sacred #sacredgeometry #magic #witch #witchy #witchcraft…