Ice Cream Maker Rival Ice cream freezer by VintageJunkGypsyShop Rival Ice Cream Maker

Rival Ice Cream Maker Freezer 8804 metal Canister Can Tub 4 Qt. #Rival

Rival Ice Cream Maker Motor Original Working Replacement 4 Qt Quart Model 8420 #Rival

I bought an ice cream maker at a thrift store, but it didn't have a manual. This site has the manuals and recipes for just about every ice cream maker ever in the history of the world.

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Rival Rock Salt for Ice Cream Makers - 5 Pounds by Rival. $4.54. Cools down ice for manual ice cream machines and old fashioned hand-crank ice cream makers. Nice weekend project for the whole family. Rock salt is an absolute necessity for making homemade ice cream. Rock salt works with ice to chill ice cream to freezing temperature levels. Works with any brand or type of ice cream maker that require ice. It's not actually in your ice cream, but rock salt is still ...

Rival ice cream maker recipes. Page 10 has THE vanilla ice cream recipe.

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